Our Services

We are a South Manchester design, supply and fit company with competence to deliver comprehensive projects including alterations and remodelling services.

Since we carry out a design, supply and any associated building works as one project it is in our interest that all the pieces fall into place at exactly right time. As a client you will benefit from having a single point of contact for any requests or updates which helps avoiding unnecessary delays.

Standard design service offered by big chains frequently do not include the site survey and rely on your own measurements. As part of our workshops we not only undertake a detailed survey, but take into account all the other factors that may affect the final outcome.

Home Visit

As part of our service we visit your home to look at your specific needs. Some clients will require only design, others kitchen, fitting service and building works. We work closely with local fitters, builders and architects and as part of our service offer to project manage the whole process. If you require additional consultations e.g. planning permission we can provide you with some useful contacts.

For that stage we would like you to think about your preferred style, budget and time frame you have in mind. We will also take the measurements of the kitchen or may use the drawings if you are planning some major remodeling of the kitchen/dining space .

Kitchen design

If you decide you’d like to work with us we will start designing your new kitchen. Our successful design service utilises our two most important design principles – Function and Aesthetics. Working with you and following these principles allows us to develop your perfect kitchen, bespoke to you and your needs.  

This step of the process takes usually between 1 to 4 weeks to complete during which time we will work on your project until you are satisfied with the final version of the design.

Supplying and fitting

Depending on the range and choice of colour the waiting time may vary between 1 to 3 weeks from proceeding with the design, with exception of bespoke elements, which may take up to 5 weeks to deliver.

We also have a network or highly recommended builders and fitters who we trust with our product and overall design to be completed to specification.

Most importantly we would like to assure you that our key principle is to maintain high standards of customer service, therefore we will be there for you throughout the whole process, no matter if you require design only or full remodel of the kitchen/dining area.